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Climate Change in New England

Yale Forum, September, 2013


Faculty Forum Online

Climate change discussion

February, 2013

Global Systems

Interview with the Dalai Lama

October, 2012

Nature's Poker Face: Predicting Hurricanes in a Warming World

Confronting increased risk of hurricances as the planet warms. Warning about hurricane and storm surge risk in New York City, filmed 6 months before Hurricane Sandy.

Dec 1, 2012

Rethinking Climate Change: The Past 150 Years and the Next 100 Years

At a time of great political paralysis around climate change internationally -- and apparent backtracking by American politicians and the public on the science of global warming itself -- there are "reasons to rethink our approach".

Apr 21, 2011

Congressional Testimony on Climate Change

Defending the science of climate change at a House Committee on Science and Technology hearing chaired by Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX). Read advance written testimony

Mar 31, 2011 

The Great Climategate Debate

The hacking of emails from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit in November rocked the world of climate change science, energized global warming skeptics, and threatened to derail policy negotiations at Copenhagen. These panelists, who differ on the scientific implications of the released emails, generally agree that the episode will have long-term consequences for the larger scientific community.

Dec 10, 2009

The Challenge: Meeting Global Energy Demands Sustainably

Despite their calm demeanors, Kerry Emanuel and Ernie Moniz impart grave and pressing concerns about global warming to this Museum gathering. Emanuel admits that he was still a skeptic 20 years ago, but that detailed analysis of the earth's climate record, and sophisticated modeling have convinced him and a vast majority of his colleagues that we're witnessing a rapidly changing environment due to greenhouse gas emissions. The world is in the process of doubling its carbon dioxide emissions over the pre-industrial value of 280 parts per million. Experts project a 2-5 degree increase in the Earth's temperature, in our children's lifetimes.

Oct 18, 2006

What Does Current Scientific Research Have to Say About the Present and Future Risks Associated with Hurricanes?

As the costs of Hurricane Katrina continue to spiral higher -- to date, $125 billion in damages and 1,200 deaths – there's keen interest in perfecting the science of hurricane forecasting. The insurance industry in particular has a big stake in learning where and how the next big one is likely to hit. The problem is that traditional methods of statistical analysis, relying on previous landfalling storms, only go so far in generating useful risk assessments. "We have a bad time predicting in real time when and where hurricanes will develop," says Emanuel. "It's not even easy to state over a long period of time what the probability is."

Oct 31, 2005

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