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Inertial Stability and Mesoscale Convective Systems
ASIN: B0006X96JM
Kerry A. Emanuel
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Meteorology. Thesis. 1978.

The Representation of Cumulus Convection in Numerical Models of the Atmosphere
ISBN: 978-1878220134
Kerry A. Emanuel and David J. Raymond
American Meteorological Society, pp. 246, January 1, 1993

Atmospheric Convection
ISBN: 978-0195066302
Kerry A. Emanuel
Oxford University Press, pp. 592, February 17, 1994

Divine Wind: The History and Science of Hurricanes
ISBN: 978-0195149418
Kerry A. Emanuel
Oxford University Press, pp. 296, September 1, 2005

What We Know About Climate Change (Boston Review Books)
ISBN: 978-0262050890
Kerry A. Emanuel
The MIT Press; 1 edition, pp. 96, August 31, 2007

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